VOD Indie – Learning about Truly Indie Films available On Demand

VOD Indie – Where you can learn about Truly Indie Films available On Demand

Where do we find movies anymore? Where do we find culture anymore? From the cover of Entertainment Weekly? From the thousands of commercials on MTV or Hulu or anywhere else? From the wall of the subway line?

The two places I loved finding movies were from Siskel and Ebert every Saturday that I could remember to get up and watch their show and the film festival in town. By in town, I mean 20 miles away, twice a year, and really it was only able to show great foreign and independent films that couldn’t get a distributor into the first run theaters. But that’s where I found LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE – and ruined a good first date. Where I discovered LENINGRAD COWBOYS GO AMERICA – and spent the last two decades searching for a copy until Criterion fixed that recently. It’s where I made out with a beautiful redhead in the back row while THE FAST RUNNER was playing. I think she was a redhead. Memory tends to exaggerate the things you love.

And I loved Siskel & Ebert. With all the troubles he’s had – I’ll still trade my life for Ebert’s most days. The other days I’m talking … a lot. But as great as their show was, you would have 24 minutes of movie talk and 20 of it focused on mainstream pop culture movies. Sure, they introduced me to BLOOD SIMPLE as part of explaining RAISING ARIZONA. Most of their time was spent talking about movies everyone would already see … which is why Hollywood has snubbed the critic in favor of the media (social or otherwise) blitz.

Well the beauty of the Internet is we can share and talk about small movies. Some great and some others.

I hope you check out this space to learn about movies that aren’t getting made by Hollywood. Movies someone probably paid for on Kickstarter. Movies that might mean something more than the weekend grosses or the funny story on Kimmel.

Maybe this will one day be a TV Show as it was planned, but for now it’s links to stuff I hope you like.


This blog is a quick look at Indie films you can catch on Video-On-Demand through such services as Amazon.com, Netflix, IndieFlix, and much more.

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