Starting Incredibly Small


Maybe I’m late to this, but last week I read a tweet about Ted Hope’s blog (btw that sentence is so hipster I want to shoot myself). Todd Sklar was talking about a film he produced with Dean Peterson. And no – I have no idea who these people are. And the post was about how you should post your film for free. Give it to the world and let them have it. So they did. You can go to Vimeo and watch his entire film INCREDIBLY SMALL for free.

In the spirit of this blog – check out the trailer first and see if you want to invest the time.

INCREDIBLY SMALL Trailer from Dean Peterson on Vimeo.

It features that guy who is on GIRLS and was in TINY FURNITURE and a bunch of people I am in shock that are in movies. But it happens. It’s fun and is probably a good place to start for this blog. It has that talky mumblecore vibe, but from the trailer there are some definite fun composition things going on. Despite any consternation with mumblecore – I like movies where people honestly talk about life and sex and the frustration that things aren’t turning out as planned.

Please enjoy.


This blog is a quick look at Indie films you can catch on Video-On-Demand through such services as, Netflix, IndieFlix, and much more.

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