We’re starting out like NEWLYWEDS

I know I’m late on this one. I’m so late – Ed Burns actually gave me permission to run this trailer for the PEG TV show before that fell apart. And really, if you’re an Ed Burns fan – you’ve been here already.

Someone once said – and it may have been Ed Burns but I can’t find the quote – that Ed Burns tried to be Woody Allen, but couldn’t so he tried to be John Sayles, but couldn’t so he tried to be John Cassavettes, and since that didn’t work out he had to be Ed Burns – which is really ok most of the time. He’s probably the most profitable big-time low-budget filmmaker around.

After shining bright with BROTHERS MCMULLEN and then SHE’S THE ONE, or sometimes called NBC’s BROTHERS MCMULLEN, Ed Burns took a turn in his career to being a low-budget, self-distribution beacon for filmmakers. Sidenote – in hindsight, who saw the guy doing the GEICO commercials after sleeping with two of the biggest stars in the world – Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. Anyway…

PURPLE VIOLETS went straight to iTunes. NICE GUY JOHNNY straight to Cable VOD. And NEWYLWEDS premiered VOD everywhere. He keeps making affable & affordable movies that make their money back so he can make more movies.

NEWLYWEDS is a nice “you don’t know the trouble family can bring you until you’re married” kind of movies. The regular wit and charm of his previous films. Check out the trailer.


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