Breaking Rules & Finding the MIDNIGHT KISS

The point of this blog is to point out lesser known & indie flix available on-demand, but I could not pass up promoting one of my favorite films of all time. IN SEARCH OF A MIDNIGHT KISS is on Showtime this month – – and you need to see it….IMMEDIATELY!!

Written and directed by Alex Holdridge – this movie could be summed up by three of my favorite lines of dialouge:

WILSON – So, what are you looking for?
VIVIAN – The love of my life
WILSON – On Craigslist?

And ain’t that what life is like anymore – you want everything, something beautiful special fantastic – in the most convenient non-intrusive way possible.

The film hit theaters in 2008 and I snagged a screener from somewhere and have loved it ever since. Occasionally I’ll show it to students who are unwilling to believe how fantastic ANNIE HALL is, but when characters surf Craigslist, DJ dumb parties, or Photoshop their best friend’s girlfriend’s head – they seem to start to identify.

It holds that nice “I had to make a movie, but all I could afford is black & white reversal” aesthetic with some of the most beautiful shots of Los Angeles. And they’re the shots only found by people who can’t afford to shoot from the Observatory or the Santa Monica pier or with an IATSE crew. The film feels part BREATHLESS and part FUNNY HA HA, and yet you can tell there’s a centered quality coming from the Midwestern values of a bunch of Austin, TX filmmakers.

It’s not that MIDNIGHT KISS is not available anywhere online – it is: HERE @ SUNDANCE NOW It’s just that I hadn’t found it anywhere until I noticed it on my DVR queue and went looking. As SHOWTIME/SUNDANCE Channel have their corporate synergy, I don’t think they’ll mind me mentioning both options to you. So, let me point you to Showtime 2…say tonight at 9:30 pm or regular Showtime Wednesday at 1:30 pm or go directly to Sundance Now and do not pass go.


This blog is a quick look at Indie films you can catch on Video-On-Demand through such services as, Netflix, IndieFlix, and much more.

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