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The people you meet on the Internet can be amazing. One of the more interesting and helpful has been the crew behind @HybrindVigorFilm .  Twitter is filled with self-promotion, pompous people who are only interested in themselves. This bunch as been great to share information and promote others’ stuff. So, I can’t help but do the same for them.

I heard about the project months ago because of my interest in RED Cameras and Indie Film around the time of the beginning of the film’s production. They’ve already shot quite a bit around Eastern Europe – in and around Latvia. Now that they need a real investment to finish, they are continuing to give back to those who are interested. Sure they have tons of great rewards if you back their film. But even if you don’t – they are giving back.

If you have a short – they’ll promote it to the 250K followers. In the end, they will choose one and feature it on their DVD.
No purchase required. For a $1 you can be IN their poster. This bunch realizes there are many ways to engage with audiences and other filmmakers. If you are considering a crowdfunding campaign – check them out.

After a post on a UFVA listserve, let me state I have backed the film on Kickstarter. If this post didn’t tell you that I’m rooting for their success, hopefully that will. And if given the opportunity to screen the completed film or promote it to others – guess what, I’ll do that too.

Read more about the project and all their rewards. But first, check out this funding trailer.

Hybrid Vigor


This blog is a quick look at Indie films you can catch on Video-On-Demand through such services as, Netflix, IndieFlix, and much more.

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