People talking and talking – COLLABORATOR

I kept seeing this pop up in my e-mail – but then couldn’t find anything about it. It reminds me of the vacuum of the Internet sometimes.

When I was in high school and devoted to the local Video Store (4 Star Video – 755-DAVE), I would scour the racks looking for something interesting and unique. Somewhere on the bottom rack of all the Romantic Comedies sat TRUST. If you don’t love this movie, you’re not trying hard enough. TRUST was my introduction to Hal Hartley and actor Martin Donovan and the wonderful Adrienne Shelley. When whoever in charges gets their head out of their butt and releases TRUST on DVD in the US, I will talk much more about this film. But now…

Martin Donovan has a new movie – COLLABORATOR. A movie he wrote and directed. A movie with two of my favorite actors – David Morse and Olivia Williams. And from the trailer it’s about people. People interacting. People talking. People making bad choices. You know – life.

Those early days scouring the racks of 4-Star Dave’s store, I discovered that Indie Films fell into two categories: pretty pictures and ugly people. I’m sure there’s a clearer description, but that one always stuck out to me. You let people talk and live, and you see how ugly the world can get.

I’ve only seen the trailer – because until yesterday I couldn’t figure out where I was suppose to go watch this film. After more work than should be necessary, I see it is available on VUDU, iTunes, Amazon and your local cable operator (but I can’t find it on my DirecTV).


This blog is a quick look at Indie films you can catch on Video-On-Demand through such services as, Netflix, IndieFlix, and much more.

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