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Episode 2.2 Go For Sisters

In John Sayles’ latest film, Fontayne, (played by Yolanda Ross), is enlisted by Bernice (Lisa Gay Hamilton) – her estranged old friend and current parole officer – along with a disgraced cop (Edward James Olmos) to search for Bernice’s son, who

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Video Hosting to Feature Films

Two of the web’s biggest hosts for videos online are YOUTUBE & VIMEO, both have moved toward longer length videos and filmmaker tools. VOD Indie – Episode4 – YouTube & Vimeo from VOD Indie on Vimeo.

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There are Indies on YouTube – Here’s WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

Years ago, I was lucky enough to write a video review column in the local paper. It eventually got canned. My column – the paper has its own issues. But like most writers, I was trying to find a niche.

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Behind the DOGVILLE Craziness – Lars Von Trier documentary

If you try to know international cinema over the last decade or so, you have heard of Lars von Trier. And to know him is fear the crazy. He is often credited with pushing the DOGME 95 film chastity movement

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