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VOD Indie 5.02 – Kandahar Journals

Louie Palu’s film KANDAHAR JOURNALS is a touching, brutal look at his time in Afghanistan during the war as a photojournalist.

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VOD Indie 5.01 – Andrew McCarthy

As part of the 2016 Macon Film Festival, Andrew McCarthy sat down to talk about his film PRETTY IN PINK which is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary.

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VOD Indie partners with Peach Flicks

This week, the students of Valdosta State University will again be shooting interviews for our upcoming season of VOD Indie at the Macon Film Festival. While we’re there, we will be partnering with the Roku channel PEACH FLICKS. So, you’ll

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Films We’re Looking Forward to – JASMINE

At first glance, one could guess a movie about a love struck man attempting to take hold of his life through the ups and downs of what could only be considered a horrible break up. Needless to say this is

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VOD Indie 03.03 – Alston Jones – Better Than Equal

Animator Alston Jones brought his vision of George Orwell’s Animal Farm to life in his amazing short BETTER THAN EQUAL.

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VOD Indie 03.07 – Ava Leigh Stewart – Paradise Garden

Ava Leigh Stewart’s documentary on artist Howard Finster, PARADISE GARDEN, left a lasting impression on our students.

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VOD Indie 03.11 – Kirsten Russell – Universal

Renowned dancer and visual artist, Kirsten Russell brought her wonderful international film UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE to the Macon Film Festival – and it was magical.

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