Ep. 2.07 – T.J. Amato of BROTHER’S KEEPER

9 Apr

Getting the key spot of the night’s film at the 9th Annual Macon Film Festival was a nice coup for the filmmakers’ behind BROTHER’S KEEPER, which shot in Bainbridge, GA.

T.J. Amato, co-director, stopped in at the festival headquarters to talk with VOD Indie about his experience making the film and what’s to come.


Find out more about the film at their Facebook page.


Ep. 2.07 – Justin Litton of Border Patrol

9 Apr

Having two films in the Macon Film Festival was quite an accomplishment for Justin Litton. Along with directing his film DEEP EMOTION, Justin was the Director of Photography of the German Language film BORDER PATROL. Justin talked about what has motivated him and the benefit of finding talented collaborators.

Find out more about Justin’s work at webpage


Ep. 2-07 – MFF – Nicholas & Hortencia Goodman

8 Apr

VOD Indie visited the 9th Annual Macon Film Festival and was able to meet many great filmmakers, including the wonderful music video couple – Nicholas & Hortencia Goodman.

Their music video for Rebecca Jordan’s song EVE was a hit at the festival and to our students. First, check out the interview

Find out more about Nicholas & Hortencia at their website –


Ep. 2-07 MFF – Marieke Niestadt of Bittersweet

7 Apr

VOD Indie visited the 9th Annual Macon Film Festival and was able to meet many great filmmakers, including Mariek Niestadt.

Along with nabbing the Audience Award for Best Documentary, Niestadt caught our attention in this wonderful interview. Enjoy

To find  out more about Marieke and her film, visit her website

Ep. 2.5 – Angel’s Perch

9 Dec

When Jack (played by J.T. Arbogast) makes a trip back to his hometown to visit his Alzheimer suffering grandmother Polly (Joyce Van Patten), things become complicated tearing Jack between jumping at a career opportunity and caring for his family.

Find out more at their website


Watch the entire film: Amazon -iTunes – Google Play – YouTube


Episode 2.04 – William Dickerson & the Mirror

11 Nov

For more information, check out the website

Ep. 2.04 – William Dickerson’s The Mirror

11 Nov

Who is Taylor? That is the question filmmaker William Dickerson tries to answer in this metafictional satire about a quirky and charismatic lifestreamer. “Taylor” is an open book who magnetically draws others into his world where public and private are one and the same. 

You can watch the entire film here on Amazon.


Episode 2.3 – Escape From Tomorrow

11 Nov

Director Randy Moore’s subversive debut feature following the disturbing experiences of a man during his vacation with his family to Walt Disney World. The black & white adventure features actual footage from Disney World and nabbed one of the last big thumbs up from the great Roger Ebert.

Available on Itunes and Amazon

Find out more at their website

Ep. 2.4 – Atlanta To New York

11 Nov

A romantic comedy set in 2 cities. Montrell Simmons is a young actor from New York, on the rise and living in Atlanta. On the brink of success, he flies from Atlanta to New York to propose to his girlfriend Jasmine. His nephew, Ed Little, comes from New York to Atlanta for a big job interview with the Black Television Network and crashes at his condo. While in New York, Montrell can’t seem to stay out of trouble. All’s fair in love and show business!

With his career at jeopardy, several female admirers, and random haters, Jasmine is unsure whether she wants to take the next step and become Montrell’s wife.

Ep 2.04 – CHASTITY BITES trailer

11 Nov

Notorious serial killer Elizabeth Bathory believed that bathing in virgin blood would keep her young and beautiful forever. Still alive today she’s found a perfect hunting ground for her “botox” as an abstinence educator in conservative America…but will a brave young blogger and reporter for the high school paper finally put an end to the “Blood Countess’s” reign of terror, and save her best friend from becoming the next victim?

Available: Amazon – Itunes – Vudu


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