VOD Indie 05.08 – Beatrice Alda & Jennifer Brooke – LEGS

What is controversial? When a sculpture comes to a New England town, documentarians Beatrice Alda & Jennifer Brooke explore what would have that affect.

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VOD Indie 05.06 – Jeremy Oliver Miller – Almost Home

Writer/Actor Jeremy Oliver Miller went through a lot to make his movie AMOST HOME, about a soldier returning from war to face the father of his friend and fallen soldier.

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VOD Indie 5.02 – Kandahar Journals

Louie Palu’s film KANDAHAR JOURNALS is a touching, brutal look at his time in Afghanistan during the war as a photojournalist.

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VOD Indie 5.01 – Andrew McCarthy

As part of the 2016 Macon Film Festival, Andrew McCarthy sat down to talk about his film PRETTY IN PINK which is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary.

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VOD Indie partners with Peach Flicks


This week, the students of Valdosta State University will again be shooting interviews for our upcoming season of VOD Indie at the Macon Film Festival.

While we’re there, we will be partnering with the Roku channel PEACH FLICKS. So, you’ll be able to see our interviews on Peach Flicks the week that we have talked to the filmmakers.

This Fall, you’ll continue to be able to watch our interviews on VSU-TV here in Valdosta and on our Vimeo Channel.

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Films We’re Looking Forward to – JASMINE


At first glance, one could guess a movie about a love struck man attempting to take hold of his life through the ups and downs of what could only be considered a horrible break up. Needless to say this is not that. Jasmine is a Suspenseful thriller taking a look a man as he struggles to cope with the horrible murder of his beloved wife.

Director Dax Phalen’s film looks to be both a fantastic thriller as well as a psychological mind bender and I can’t wait to see it!
This film will be shown at the Macon Film Festival – Saturday at 10:30am

Be sure to check out the link below:

You can follow Macon Film Festival on Twitter @MaconFilmFest
and VOD Indie on Instagram and Twitter @VODIndie

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Films We’re Looking Forward to – The Rebound

The title sounds like a romantic comedy, doesn’t it? Well, this story by Shania Koren is nothing like that. She chronicles the beautiful story of the Miami Heat Wheels and their coach, Coach Cartwrwight; what makes this documentary feature so beautiful is the story behind the Miami Heat Wheels team, a wheelchair basketball team trying to excel just like anybody else at something they love.

You can check out the film at the Macon Film Festival  on July 22 at 1:15pm. If you can’t make it to the festival, that’s perfectly fine. You can get updates and other goodies from these links below:




This will be a must-see you WILL NOT regret watching!

Macon Film Festival on twitter @MaconFilmFest
VOD Indie on instagram and twitter @VODIndie

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