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The 2016 drama short HUX will be a featured film at the 2016 Macon Film Festival taking place July 21-24.

The film by Mageina Tovah tells the story of a young girl, Hux, who is living her life with autism. She works to rebel against the isolation that she is plagued with due to her autism and an aversion to stimuli. All while working to overcome her hardships there is a terrible plague that is decimating the population around her. While all the odds are against her, she finally finds one last way to connect.

HUX played at this Spring’s Florida Film Festival and has been selected for the upcoming Holly Shorts Festival

The film will be showed twice at the festival, first on Friday July  22 at 11:15am at the Theatre Macon, second on Saturday July 23 at 4:45pm in the Cox Capital Theatre. Please come by at there two times to experience and enjoy this short film.

Find out more about the film and Mageina at

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