Animation & Cartoons at Macon Film Fest ’16

For the past few years Mass Media Students from Valdosta State University have visited the Macon Film Festival in Macon, Georgia. The film festival takes place in downtown Macon around the city’s theaters, best restaurants, and bars. Some students go for the fun and some students go for the experience. During their trip students interview the film’s directors, writers, musicians, and other people involved with the films. These interviews are normally added to the VOD Indie page on Vimeo after the festival. This year all of the participants were asked to find and research a hand full of the films that will be showcased this year. After conducting a little bit of research and doing some cyber snooping I truly believe I picked a few of the best films. This year I will be searching for anyone involved with Autumn Fall, Bullied to Death, Practice, Farmer/Veteran, Perfect Houseguest, In Memory, and Winter Light. Each film looks great and I am truly excited to see all seven films during my trip.

While I am excited to see every film I am extremely excited to see Perfect Houseguest.

perfect houseguest

(Still from Perfect Houseguest)

 Perfect Houseguest is an animated short film, and anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am infatuated with animation. This is not directors Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter’s first time at the Macon Film Festival. Last summer during the Macon Film Festival Tiny Inventions has their short animated film Between Times featured. The film was incredible, so their is no doubt that their newest short film will be great. Last year during my trip I was able to interview an animator, so hopefully I will be able to interview the wonderful creators of this film.

bewtween the times

(Still from Between The Times)

For more information about Perfect Houseguest follow the creators on twitter @tinyinventions

To keep up with the fun fest follow

Macon Film Festival on twitter @MaconFilmFest
VOD Indie on instagram and twitter @VODIndie

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